Secure Your Home With A&D Joinery

Your home is where you and your family should feel safe and secure, protected from whatever the outside world throws at you (and lately, thats been a lot!). At A & D Joinery we ensure that our products are designed to keep your home secure from weather damage to security threats.

Bolton Road Apartments


Our windows are made with a high security and advanced locking systems to make sure your home is protected. Our windows are able to provide ventilation to your home whilst still locked, just open your windows an inch and close the handle like you normally would to lock your window on vent; allowing fresh air in your home whilst keeping you safe. 

For extra security for little ones, our tilt and turn windows allow your windows to tilt inwards for ventilation without the potential of any accidents. These windows are able to turn in different positions depending on your needs, giving you peace of mind.


All doors made by A & D Joinery are inline with Building Regulations and required security measures. Battling against all weather conditions, you can rest assured that no matter what season comes at you your windows will survive against the most extreme rain or wind. The glass used is toughened to provide complete protection against weather conditions and potential break ins.

Our composite doors are built with the highest quality materials, made to withstand any bumps and knocks you encounter with daily use, helping your doors look fresh and new for years to come. Steel reinforced frames provide extra security with multi-point locks or multi hook locks depending on your door types, to keep you safe from any burglary threats.

Keep you and your loved ones safe with A & D Joinery. 


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