You must pick the right window for your home

Windows have an excellent ability to be able to turn a cold, bland room into one that's welcoming and warm. Windows allow the light in from the outside to come in and brighten up your home. You must pick the right window for your home to get this right, and with all of the options available, it can be a little tricky to choose. Allow us at A&D Joinery to help you.

Before style, we think it's essential to look at practicality. One such consideration is heat loss. Do you know how much heat you may be losing? Window manufacturers can test the efficiency of their windows using a standardised banding system that's used to demonstrate their thermal performance.



Developed by The British Fenestration Rating Council, it offers homeowners a simple method of comparing windows and doors. This comparison is useful as windows and doors can be built and glazed in various ways. It covers thermal insulation, solar gain and air leakage. Initially, the scale ran from A to G, but standards have improved, and now the best performing windows and doors are rated A++. Our windows reach the top rating so your home will need very little heating or air conditioning. Because of this, you'll have smaller running costs, and who doesn't want to pay less for the energy bills?

Humans are no different than green plants. Natural light is an energy source for our body, mind and connectivity to the outdoors. It is a primary source for healthy living. Regardless of how your window looks, ensure your home has a source of natural light in every room, where possible.

Often, people know they want to bring in a lot of natural light into a room but don't know the best ways of going about it, or which style of windows they need to choose. Natural light not only makes a room look warmer but it's crucially important for your health (see our other blog for the benefits of natural light). A&D Joinery knows how to get the most from your home. We know we'll have what you want, whether you're looking at changing your windows, doors, or both!  We just know that we’ll have what you’re looking for.

When it comes to picking a design for windows - there isn't one' right answer'. We have a great selection of materials, frames and colours for you to choose. We understand all of the options may be slightly overwhelming, but we're here to help you decide!

A&D windows are designed to embrace the daylight, letting your home capture as much natural light as possible whilst keeping noise and drafts to an absolute minimum. Our windows and doors are made from uPVC, softwood, hardwood or aluminium. All our windows are sourced from the best quality materials and go through a rigorous manufacturing process and quality checks to produce exceptional products every time.

For the perfect window in your home, please visit our site or download our brochure for more!

A conservatory typically increases the value of a home by 5%.

A&D Joinery takes a lot of pride in the conservatories that we build. You can see from our pictures why we’re proud, but have you ever looked into having one? Conservatories are loved by many homeowners, but in many cases, the conservatory was already there.

People are spending more money on improving their homes than usual. £55bn has been spent on renovations since March according to The 2020 Renovation Nation Report.



In this regard, we think that the conservatory is often overlooked. A lot of conservatories that people are used to, the ones that are already in homes are old and nowhere near the quality that they should be. But that’s nothing against the people that installed them, the innovation with conservatories comes from skill and also with better materials and improved insulation.

Conservatories are no longer the room that’s boiling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, with a sporadic leak during rainy seasons (which in England is all year round, let’s be honest). Allow us to explain why conservatories deserve to be on the list of things that you consider when thinking about home improvement.

Firstly, and perhaps even most obviously the conservatory should act as a sort of bridge or connection between your home and garden.  Your conservatory is unlike your home in the sense that the vast majority of it will be made from glass. This means so much natural light can fill the space and allow you to enjoy practically uninterrupted views of your garden. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

When people look at making their home larger, the first thought generally is to get a house extension. This makes perfect sense initially, but there may be a better way to achieve what you want. A house extension can typically cost upwards £20,000, whereas conservatories can be more affordable.

Now don’t think that a conservatory will have little to no effect on your house price. A conservatory typically increases the value of a home by 5%. The average house price in the UK is just over £234,000 as of December 2019, which means that 5% would suggest a potential increase of £11,700. That represents a significant return on investment, given how relatively inexpensive a conservatory is compared to a house extension. 

As conservatories are essentially a sheltered empty space, they’re incredibly versatile. Whether you want the space to be used as a kids playroom (to keep toys in the same place!) Or if you want a nice quiet place to read/relax, then a conservatory could well be the choice for you.

As we’ve explained, there’s certainly a lot of perks to getting a conservatory. So, you needn’t wait to move into a home with a conservatory to enjoy one. Speak to A&D Joinery today about what we can do for you!

External doors are the first impression of a home.

It’s often a part of the design that people can ignore or overlook, especially when they first move in. You’re usually keen to get the inside of your home looking exactly how you want it. But a simple change like your front door can make a world of difference!

A&D Joinery offers a fantastic selection on doors of all types to help you find the door that suits you and your home perfectly. But what should you look for when buying a new door? You can break a door down into different parts such as colour and style but first of all, let’s focus on materials.




A&D Joinery has a broad selection of timber doors. In fairness, there’s probably not too much that can be said about timber doors that you don’t already know. You know that they look fantastic and they can be painted in any colour! They’re incredibly durable, but you will need to help it along with a little maintenance, about once a year, though this a process that some people enjoy. After all, maintenance isn’t a bad thing! Finally, timber doors are excellent insulators, so that’ll put another tick in the wood door box!

If timber doors aren’t what you like then maybe you’d like A&D Joinery’s Metal or Aluminium doors. Metal and Aluminium doors are renowned for their clean and modern look. There’s practically no maintenance required for these doors either, you won’t be reaching for the paint, varnish or stain with this door fitted. Metal and Aluminium doors are also able to provide you with extra security that you wouldn’t typically get with timber doors.
Now, onto the most popular material for front doors; Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride or UPVC doors are incredibly popular as they’re pretty much the perfect all-rounder. They’re very low maintenance, a quick wipe with warm soapy water every now and then is all that’s needed to keep your door looking brand new. They’re also very energy efficient, safe and secure. Need we say more?

A&D Joinery takes great pride in installing all doors, and we know that you’ll be happy with your choice, whatever it is that you decide to go for. There is one door, however, that stands above the rest; and that’s the Rockdoor.

Rockdoor is the most secure door on the market. It first came to market in 1997, and now it keeps approximately half a million families safe across the country. We are tried, tested and trusted.

In 2004 Rockdoor grabbed the headlines with ‘Door that Beat the Bobbies’ after police were unable to gain access through the door. Despite all of their best efforts, including attempting to smash through the door with their battering rams – our composite doors really are the strongest doors on the UK market.

Rockdoor is that hard to break into that into 2004, we grabbed the headlines after police were unable to access a property, despite using battering rams! Emergency services have completed training on which tools work best to access a property in an emergency.

There are many reasons why our door is so strong. From a carbon fibre inner frame all the way through to us using a metal that’s stronger than steel in our locking chamber and various ‘lock and block’ mechanisms in an attempt of a break-in. 

Having a secure door is what you want, and you absolutely shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Despite the peace of mind, you’ll get with our door, it’s still your home, so you don’t want your front door looking like something from Fort Knox. Rockdoor understand that and have developed and engineered multiple styles and ranges for you to choose from. Secure doesn’t mean bland.

We are a family run business from Bolton

A&D Joinery has been a bit of a secret, hidden away in Bolton. We’re not quite as old as Bolton’s The Man & Scythe Pub which is one of oldest pubs in the country, and we’re not quite as big as Reebok which was also founded in Bolton like us. But we are very good at what we do.



We are a family run business from Bolton, and we’ve been doing this for over 35 years, so we definitely know what we’re doing! We manufacture and supply windows, doors and conservatories.

Every stage of the manufacturing process is completed by our highly skilled team of craftspeople. We have our own manufacturing team in our Bolton factory. This means we’re able to ensure the highest quality of the product, using our rigid quality check. We provide premium quality at an excellent price, and we’re very proud of this.

Throughout our history, we’ve grown by word of mouth. We stand by the quality of our work, and our customers commend us for it. But we don’t think it’s fair to keep the quality of our craft confined to Bolton. We are now reaching out far beyond our origins because England needs a better quality manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories and that’s why we’re here.

It’s no good just us complimenting the quality of our work. Here’s what our customers had to say about our products and service. As we are a family business, our reputation is everything. We put every effort and all of our care into every product and installation, and it shows.

We showcase everything that we’re able to build, so you’re able to see the full scope of our capabilities. We would love to show you them at our showroom in Bolton, with one of our experts on hand to hand to offer the best advice for fit and design. But if you’re not that close to Bolton or if you want to look around but can’t be bothered leaving the house (we’ve all been there), download our brochure. Here, you’ll see everything that we build, and you can view it’s aesthetic appeal.

If you have any questions or want to hear more about what we can do for you, please call us on 01942 814501. Or if you would like to experience our full range of products, visit our showroom open Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 4pm.