Home Improvements To Brighten Up 2021

We’ve all been spending more time in our home, and with Spring peaking it’s head round the corner there is no better way to spruce up your home with a few tips and tricks. From maintenance to new additions, there is no better time to freshen up your home.



It may sound quite obvious but cleaning can transform your home, making it a more relaxed and refreshing environment to be in. Now we don’t just mean the occasional hoover, but cleaning your windows, doors and conservatory windows and frames. For windows we recommend a simple glass cleaner and a soft microfibre cloth, or for tougher stains wipe down with a soapy liquid solution before polishing. This soapy liquid solution is perfect for wiping down the outside of your doors and window and conservatory frames to keep them looking and feeling brand new.

Person wearing yellow rubber gloves holding bottle of glass cleaning solution, wiping down windows with solution on with blue microfibre cloth


New Windows and Doors 

If you’re feeling a complete refresh of your home this Spring, the addition of new doors and windows can instantly transform your home. Whether your style is more traditional or you want to add a modern twist, A & D Joinery can provide custom built solutions that are perfect for you and your home requirements.

Low angle shot of wooden frame window on its side, two work men installing windows in background with wooden paneled wall


Energy Efficiency 

New windows and doors can add instant benefits to the aesthetics of your home but can also help with your heating bills too. With A++ Rated windows and doors from A & D Joinery, your new additions will keep the heat and and the cold out, meaning you don’t have to worry about any drafts or keeping your heating on all day long. 


Check For Damage 

Whilst checking may not exactly be a home improvement, checking regularly for any potential signs of damage can prevent any problems arising and avoiding a costly bill if you don’t spot issues before its too late.  

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