French doors are more conventional in how they function, in that they swing open and shut.

UPVC French Doors are different from regular entrance doors because of the large panes of glass that French Doors typically hold. Though, everything else is practically the same! They’re just as secure, easy to maintain and energy-efficient. 

Though the French Door does have an advantage in that the large panes of glass let a lot more light in. This is why you’ll see UPVC French Doors as an entrance to the back garden. It allows more light to flood your home and a much better view than other doors would allow.



French doors are an excellent way of dividing rooms with absolute elegance, their exquisite design wouldn’t see them out of place in the most sophisticated of homes.

As is true with all the classics, the French door is timeless and suits sophisticated and grandiose housing as comfortably as it suits smaller, contemporary homes and spaces

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Key features and benefits:

  • Affordability - It’s one of the biggest benefits of the UPVC door - it’s affordable! Not only is the up-front cost light on most pockets, it hardly requires any maintenance, so you’re not needing to spend on that either.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Typically uPVC Doors are white, but did you know that with A&D Windows they are also extremely green! They are made from recyclable plastics and their durability means that they’ll last for 35 - 75 years.
  • Insulation - UPVC Doors are great with keeping the heat in but also when it comes to keeping the noise out, especially when double-glazed windows are installed into your door.
  • Style - Our UPVC French Door makes up where the standard UPVC Entrance Doors left off. French doors by their nature are aesthetically pleasing and it’s no different when it comes to style with our UPVC French Doors.

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