Choosing The Right Window Frame to Suit Your Home

No matter your home or personal style, choosing the right window frames can be a difficult decision. Windows are a huge aesthetic factor and choosing your window frame can define the character of your home, complementing the traditional exterior or adding a contemporary feel to your exterior. 

Bedroom with white chair at desk and timber framed windows


No longer the bulky white plastic of our 80s nightmares, UPVC is now sleek in design and high quality. Secure UPVC installation means that we can create styles to suit all types of homes and needs, from large bay windows to a simple kitchen window. A & D UPVC windows are double glazed and extremely durable, withstanding all weather conditions and even objects hitting the window (something you may want to consider if you or your family are less than coordinated at sports!). They’re also low maintenance, only needing a wipe with soapy water regularly to keep their brilliant shine. These types of frames are the most durable on the market and won’t degrade over time.


One of the most popular selling points of timber frames is their ability to be painted to suit your style, allowing you to change up your exterior aesthetic whenever you please! Timber windows last a lifetime and provide a beautiful finish to your home, offering a more traditional look than other frames, however they do require more maintenance to keep them looking new. Timber is a great option if you’re looking to become more environmentally friendly as A & D only use sustainably sourced wood.


Perfect for maximum durability, aluminium is one of the strongest materials available meaning there is no warping no matter what end of the weather spectrum you’re on. If you’re looking to save energy then this is your perfect fit as aluminium ranks higher than both UPVC and timber for thermal efficiency meaning you save money and become more environmentally friendly. What’s more is that these frames are sustainable and can be recycled after use!


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